Innovations in Teaching Math to All Children

By Marilyn Huerta June 15, 2015 In June, the summer breeze blew through the CSUSM campus as North County elementary school teachers gathered to learn new methods for teaching math. They attended the Innovations in Elementary Mathematics Instruction for All Children: A Symposium for Multilingual Educators at California State University San Marcos. Hosted by theContinue reading “Innovations in Teaching Math to All Children”

Helping the Elderly Prevent Falls

By Triveni Sheshadr March 25, 2015   The statistics are sobering. Every year one in three adults ages 65 and older experiences a fall. As a result many suffer fractures, injuries and, in some cases, even death. Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations among the elderly. Hyun Gu Kang, assistant professor of kinesiology atContinue reading “Helping the Elderly Prevent Falls”

Healthcare with Heart: Clinics Provide Free Services Across San Diego County

By Triveni Sheshadri March 18, 2015 During a rare lull in her busy afternoon, Alia Holyfield loaded a washer in the back room of an Oceanside health clinic. Before that she had answered phones, took a patient’s blood pressure and medical history, and checked inventory in the supply room. It’s all in a day’s workContinue reading “Healthcare with Heart: Clinics Provide Free Services Across San Diego County”