CEHHS Hosts Convocation Luncheon for Lecturers!


Hosted by Dean Janet Powell, the College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) sponsored a Convocation luncheon for their lecturers on October 20.

Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi highlighted two successful years of the Lecturer’s Advisory Council (LAC) and included the development of the Lecturer’s handbooks for CEHHS, the creation of the CEHHS Mentor/Mentee program meant to support the newly hired lecturers and the interactions with other lecturer committees throughout CSUSM. This council was created so that CEHHS Lecturer council members could represent their School/Departments.

“The mission is to identify and provide needed resources and to provide support for lecturers.  LAC aims to encourage and enhance communication between lecturers and departmental, college, and university staff, and for faculty members to ensure a positive and productive teaching and/or supervision experience.” —Dr. Laura de Ghaetaldi, Department of Kinesiology


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