Cal State San Marcos Professors Host Workshop for Teachers

CSUSM professors, Katherine Hayden (School of Education) and Youwen Ouyang (Computer Science & Information Systems) hosted a workshop in Fullerton for 50 teachers from twelve school districts in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, on Friday and Saturday, January 22nd and 23rd, 2016. Joe Keating (CSUSM’s School of Education too) gave the keynote address on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

“We are very excited about the impact our grants are having in helping science teachers implement NGSS, technology enhanced science lessons that make a difference in student learning,” Katherine Hayden stated. Teachers were given the opportunity on Friday to choose the Saturday sessions they were interested in attending. Having the opportunity to select topics of interest made for a more engaging time, as one of the participants stated: “I really enjoyed being able to choose my sessions of choice. It made the experience more engaging. I also liked having the keynote speaker the night before to get us excited about what we were going to learn, but still reserve the energy to engage in sessions the following day!”

Three Lead Teachers from CyberQUEST, a project Katherine Hayden and Youwen Ouyang lead, were presenters in this workshop. Their background and expertise truly made a difference as the quotes from participants demonstrate:

“I loved working in small groups and plenty of discussions. I enjoyed working with people from other districts and learning from them. The presenters all had a variety of backgrounds and fresh ideas as well. I especially love the inquiry based lessons that are integrated with technology.”

“I LOVED how the keynote presenter spoke the night before so that teachers were able to go into a classroom with full momentum, soaking in what the presenters said, with fresh minds. I am thankful for the resources that were shared live and working, this saves time and paper. I LOVED how we were able to pick out our classes and presenters by hearing them “sell” their session the night before. This model gives us CHOICE in who we wanted to learn from, very important to teachers.”

A principal tenet of the School of Education’s mission statement is to “transform education” by creating “community through partnerships.” What these two CSUSM faculty are doing truly advances the mission of the School of Education and the entire university.

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Congratulations Kathy and Youwen!

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