Operation Art: Human Development Students Bring Art Healing to Veterans

CSUSM students are conducting research and majoring in Human Development bring ing healing arts to the Hawthorne Veteran & Family Resource Center in Escondido. Bi-monthly on Fridays, students create artwork¬† with Veterans and the research is led by Human Development Professor Eliza Bigham, Marilyn Huerta, Communication Specialist/ Artist and our CSUSM community partner, Joanne Tawfilis,Continue reading “Operation Art: Human Development Students Bring Art Healing to Veterans”

Art Helps Students See beyond Disabilities

By Katie Chappell Everyone has a creative streak inside of them just waiting to be discovered. For the clients of Mountain Shadows Outreach Services and the CSUSM students that work alongside them, creativity has come through a powerful mural project that brings together artists, students and disabled adults to create art that transcends the canvas.Continue reading “Art Helps Students See beyond Disabilities”