Ross Edmunds- Kinesiology Student Research


2013 Symposium on Student Research,
Creative Activities and Innovation Finalist

No matter how much is already known, there will always be gaps in the knowledge regarding how the human body performs. CSUSM has given me the unique opportunity as an undergraduate to design and execute a research project that has the potential to help people perform at a higher ability for greater periods of time.

About my Research
Currently, the practice of foam rolling is widely used in the exercise community; it has been proven to decrease muscle tightness and commonly used as a warm up, but there is little research about the effect of foam rolling on performance post intense exercise.

In my latest research, I used intense exercise to cause damage to the quadriceps and hamstrings, inducing delayed onset muscle soreness. Afterwards, I treated the targeted muscles with either foam rolling or static stretching to determine which technique would help sustain muscle performance 24 hours post exercise.

The results of our study show that foam rolling post exercise preserves muscle performance better than static stretching, which is highly applicable in the athletic community. With the application of foam rolling post exercise, athletes competing in tournaments, interval training or recreational activity will be able to perform at a level closer to their rested condition.

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