Students win undergraduate poster presentation!


Led by Dr. Noriko Toyokawa, Erika Martinez (Human Development), Raul Diaz (Kinesiology/Business), and Rebecca Cruz (Human Development) won the best undergraduate poster presentation award from the Northwest Council on Family Studies held on April 20 and 21 in Portland, Oregon!

Their poster title is “Intergenerational Ambivalence: Adult Children’s Strategies to Challenge the Structure of Parent-Child Relations. The National Council on Family Studies is the largest professional association of the field of Human Development & Family Studies. The poster by Martinez, Diaz, and Cruz was selected as the best presentation after the evaluation of the poster and presenters’ skills to answer to the selection committee’s questions regarding their work. The award selection committee chair and the audience stated that they were particularly impressed with the presenters’ (1) Presentation of clear theoretical frameworks of the study (2) Student presenters’ clear responses to the audience’ questions and comments, (3) Clear tables and figures to present findings.

From CEHHS, 6 students participated in the regional conference West Coast and presented two posters. Noami Morelia, Arlene Santos, and Jessica Saldana (All from Human Development, in order of the authorship) also presented their poster, entitled, ‘Aging parents’ perspectives of intergenerational ambivalence.’ Although there was no official second prize, the award selection committee chair recognized both student groups’ presentation of the strong theoretical framework that these two CSUSM posters and students’ clear responses to her questions and comments, too. In general, because of both posters, many participants of the conference recognized high quality of CSUSM undergraduate students’ research. I am really proud of the students who have been involved in this study from the data collection and completed their studies to present. All six students presented the posters really professionally. They have well managed their time and multiple tasks and mutually support to one another in this entire process.

Student presenters:
(photo of 6) From the left, Erika Martinez (HD), Rebecca Cruz (HD), Raul Diaz (Kinesiology/Business), Arlene Santos (HD), Noami Morelia (HD), and Jessica Saldana (HD).

Congratulations students!

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