ASI Highlights Human Development Student – Yvette Ibañez

Yvette Ibañez
Gender Equity Center Peer Educator

“Always be optimistic but never stop working for what you want”

Congratulations to Yvette Ibañez for being our newest ASI Student Spotlight feature. We would also like to congratulate Yvette for graduating at the end of this semester! Yvette, Human Development major who transferred to Cal State San Marcos from Mira Costa, serves as one of our peer educators in the Gender Equity Center. She also is the Culture and Identity Lead; programming events specialized towards culture and feminism. Some examples of her past events include Dia de Los Muertos, Women in Activism, and LatinX Taboos. Yvette is a very kind and caring person. She giggles at everything and is very easy to talk with. She is soft-spoken but that gives her the opportunity to listen and get to know you!

Yvette is involved elsewhere on and off campus as well. She is an intern for The Alliance. They oversee guaranteed admissions for the campus. She is also a part of the Latino/Latina Round Table. This group meets monthly to talk about events and to discuss what Latino and Latina leaders on campus are working on. Off campus, Yvette works as a Gear Up tutor for Oceanside High School. From Peer Educator to Tutor, Yvette is a busy person.

Yvette says ASI has been a positive experience for her because she has been able to meet many incredible people and that has allowed her to break out of her shell. Yvette is an individual that is always willing to help. If there is work to be done, not just at a GEC event, but for ASI in general, she will always give a helping hand. This is mainly because of her family! Yvette grew up in a very family-orientated household and, being the oldest of her siblings, grew up always looking out for others and helping where she can. Yvette’s parents are truly the hardest working people Yvette knows and she draws her inspiration from their example. They immigrated here to the United States to make a new start and now they have two daughters in college!

​Looking into the future, Yvette hopes to travel the world, to places like London! Her favorite quote is “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” by Eleanor Roosevelt. This quote is especially important to her now because she is graduating. Yvette is unsure of what the future holds but her secret is to remain optimistic. Her definition of success is doing what you love and not wasting your time. In 10 years, she sees herself in education as a counselor. Her advice to incoming students is to go out and talk to people. You never know what opportunities they may present to you! Congratulations Yvette for graduating and thank you for all that you do for ASI! We wish you the best in your endeavors!

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