Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Russ Neuhart

Russ Neuhart

Pictured: From Left, Ashley Einbender, student and nominator; Dr. Russ Neuhart.

This year, the Office of Service Learning hosted its first Service Learning Showcase! The Showcase provided an opportunity for us to share some of the fantastic work being done through service learning during the 2016-2017 academic year.   Each team of presenters included students, faculty and community partners, joined together to tell the story of their service learning experience.  Computer monitors provided a venue to informally share the key points of the students’ work with community partners in a supportive environment, full of questions and lots of compliments.  Projects included everything from developing an “app” for wildlife at Agua Hedonia Lagoon to the award-winning team that planned, advertised, and hosted an event for middle school parents and teens about media use for SOLE Effects.

We are honored to recognize Russ Neuhart as one of the recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Service Learning Awards:

Dr. Neuhart teaches HD361, Intro to Interpersonal, Interviewing and Interaction Skills. Ashley stated that students were encouraged to practice the skills learned in class at their Service Learning site, heping her to better understand the course material in a natural and first-hand personal setting. Dr. Neuhart consistently provided his student with training and support with their service learning, showing videos with scenarios, having students reflect on their experiences and having student interact in groups to apply the course materials. Ashley stated, “I personally feel much more prepared for my future career after having the opportunity to complete service learning in Dr. Neuhart’s class.”

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