Highlighting Staff: Meet Heidi Burney


Your Name: Heidi Burney

Title & Dept.: Administrative Support Coordinator I, Master of Public Health Program

Years at CSUSM? 5 as of August 2017

What is your short-term goal? Complete my MA in Psychology

What is your long-term goal? Completing my PsyD.

What is your greatest accomplishment (personal or professional)? Helping a child escape an abusive home

What is favorite movie? The Princess Bride

What is your favorite food? Pot Roast & Pasta w/ gravy

What is your favorite book? The book of Philippians in the Bible

What are your hobbies? Rock Hunting, scuba diving, camping and gardening

What would you like to do when you retire? Buy a motor home and visit every state for a month or so. Hitting all of the national parks, hot spots and seeing the natural beauty along the way.

What is your favorite thing about working at CSUSM? Having weekends off