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Lisa Bandong, Public Health Professor, awarded the 2017 SDCBC Breastfeeding Champion!

Ms. Bandong received the 2017 San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition’s Breastfeeding Champion award, an annual advocacy award that recognizes community members for their leadership in making breastfeeding a public health priority. She has been a breastfeeding advocate in her personal and professional life having been both a breastfeeding student and employee at the CSU.

Her work has allowed her the opportunity to see firsthand the varying degree of support and accommodation available to breastfeeding students and employees on campuses across California. 

Her achievements include but are not limited to: 

The breadth of Ms. Bandong’s breastfeeding advocacy encompasses not only offering personal support to breastfeeding students and fellow employees but includes implementing policy, systems and environmental changes at CSUSM.

Her most recent accomplishment was this past summer when she received confirmation from the University that every new building and major renovation will have a lactation space, including the new Extended Learning Building, which will be the first lactation space on campus in an academic building.