Word creations in Speech-Language Pathology help clients with their goals


Michal Margala
CSUSM Speech-Language Pathology Student and art project coordinator 
shares today’s project…

Instead of listing individual goals, the Speech-Language Pathology clients were asked to find one word that would illustrate their individual goals for the next 15 months.  Some of the clients chose words such as positivity, change or joy. 

The words were created and are intended to remind themselves to seek them out every day which will help them to attain their own personal goals. 

Words stickers were placed on a sheet metal and then the clients stamped alcohol ink around the text to fill in the sheet metal.  When the stickers were removed, their word appeared in the silver. 

Participants will keep the art pieces and remind themselves of their goals.  Larger art pieces were created by the both morning and afternoon groups and will be hung in the adult clinic.


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