Every Piece Counts (EPC) Fishing Line Recycling Receptacle

“Every piece counts,” says Gus Prentice, a student in Dr. Eliza Bigham’s HD 497 class. Every piece of litter that ends up in our lagoons threatens the wildlife and local residents.  Fishing lines left behind are harmful and can be eliminated.  Gus and his fellow students Clarence Magbag and Aaron Oro conducted research at theContinue reading “Every Piece Counts (EPC) Fishing Line Recycling Receptacle”

Clench Yo Butts!

HD Human Development (HD497) students Kathalena Rios, Yesenia Arjon, Gabriela Muniz and Austin Johnson survey what students knew about the smoking ban on our campus. Their survey focused on knowledge and attitudes and their findings revealed that most participants knew about the ban but had no idea about the consequences of smoking and the compositionContinue reading “Clench Yo Butts!”