Appreciating dedicated volunteers from CSUSM and the community


It’s never too late to thank dedicated people like Mary Baker, Lilian Zamora, John Portillo, Lana Carbonara, Dr. Hardison, Dr. Michelle Alfe, Dr. Ariel Cortes from Scripps, Lisa Sheehan, clinic managers from the Foundry clinic and nurses from Vista Community Clinic for their dedication in serving their community during the Lilac Fire in northern California last month.

In December 2017, Mary L. Baker, Director Student Healthcare Project at CSUSM, received a call from the American Red Cross informing her that local community partners needed assistance and some had been injured in the Lilac fire that was burning in northern San Diego.  Hearing the news, Baker quickly assembled a small team of CSUSM Spanish speaking nursing students from the CSUSM Student Healthcare free clinics, School of Nursing faculty, medical support from Scripps and health educators from the Vista Community Clinic to meet at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to do what they know best and that is supporting their community.


Together, this dedicated team served approximately 50 horse trainers and grooms at Del Mar on the first day. Some visits consisted of checking vital signs and listening to lung fields whereas others were more serious. They performed nebulizer treatments, replaced medications lost in the fire, diagnosed hypertension, listened to clients recount their horrific experiences and cared for anyone who came forward. They also have referred numerous clients back to one of their Student Healthcare community clinics for follow-up.

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