Dr. Scott Tinley teaches Kinesiology and more at CSUSM

Dr. Scott Tinley is a lecturer in the Kinesiology department but is also the author of  Finding Triathlon: How Endurance Sports Explain the World, published in 2015.

“I have been teaching in the area of sports humanities since 2003 with focused course offerings such as Sport in SocietySports Philosophy and EthicsHistory and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport, and Sport, Games, and Culture. Prior to 2003, I taught Critical Theory of Writing, Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing and my teaching philosophy are created and informed by my eclectic background in athletics, pedigree, and interest in how sports, health, and physical culture function in our world. It is centered on student development of critical thinking skills, personal and social knowledge through a broad and applied exploration of physical and social sciences of sport,  and the myriad uses for these skills in pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life experience,” says Tinley.

He goes on to tell us more about his research.

“My research philosophy tends toward a foregrounding of the enacted and embodied the use of data, often for the social betterment of a sporting population. Thus I have been drawn to work in areas such as the sociocultural place and use of athlete heroes, emotional trauma in life transition as seen in athlete retirement cases, the myth-selling of surf/skate culture, and the application of adventure-based sporting experience for use of PTSD treatment.  My current research interests and projects lie in the use of sports narratology or the study of “telling stories of great athletic experiences” as a vehicle to understand and address our sometimes dysfunctional relationship to athletic culture. My overarching research goals are centered around the questioning of sport-in-society as it ultimately relates to increased social, psychological, and physiological health, disease prevention, and rehabilitative practices.”


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