We learn more about Dr. Fernando Soriano, Human Development Professor

DSCN0176Professor Fernando Soriano (right) welcomes Dr. Teru Toyokawa to CSUSM!

Professor Fernando Soriano is an expert in youth violence, delinquency and substance use, and prevention program development, particularly as it relates to multicultural youth. Much of his current research focuses on the role of culture in behavior and cognition as it relates to social problem behaviors. He has also conducted research relating to the prevalence, risk and protective factors associated with intimate partner violence among Latina populations. Dr. Soriano is a book author and expert in conducting community needs assessments. He is the founder of the National Latino Research Center (NLRC) and his research and training efforts, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) among other federal agencies, led to the establishment of the National Latino Science Network (NHSN).

fernando1Professor Fernando Soriano helps students plan culinary and social skills prevention for the Senior Experience program in Spring 2017.

Soriano’s current research focuses on the development of a school-based culinary and social skills training prevention program, which engages and trains high school students who are at-risk for violence, delinquency, and poor academic achievement. He has had two Senior Experience groups help him plan his prevention program and currently has a third group helping him with the implementation of the program thanks to funding from the Dean’s office and from the Ackerman Foundation and Soriano currently teaches sections of Fieldwork in Human Development (HD495). In his classes, he focuses on exposing students to career options and helps students to use their critical thinking skills in planning their transition from being students to becoming health and human services professionals. In that process, he helps students to understand the value of their knowledge and experiences acquired completing the human development curriculum as part of their major, as well as the value of knowledge, skills, training, and experience gained through their field experience.



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