Required Course for Teaching Credential Candidates starts April 23rd!

bigstock-pupils-raising-hand-during-geo-83001707_2Attention: TEACHING CREDENTIAL CANDIDATES

Mark your calendar to register for this REQUIRED Course!

EDUC 350 – Foundations of Teaching as a Profession
Meeting Pattern: 04/23/18 – 06/16/18
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30 – 8:20pm
Course Description:
Required for all credential candidates. An orientation to careers in K-12 education. Focuses on teaching and schooling from multiple perspectives, with an emphasis on current thinking and practices in public education in the U.S. Subjects from the sociological, philosophical, and historical foundations of education are addressed. Readings from the lives of teachers and interactions with local educators will assist students to understand the richness and the complexities of teaching as a career. Emphasizes the importance of education for all children in a diverse society. Intended for individuals interested in becoming teachers to understand the nature of formal education in the United States and to assess teaching as a career. Participation in forty-five (45) hours of supervised fieldwork assignments in K-12 classroom settings.
Registration opens: 4/2/18
For more info, contact Extended Learning at (760) 750-4020
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