Christiane Wood is recognized as 2017-2018 Outstanding Faculty for Scholarship and Creative Activity

C Wood[1]

Dr. Christiane Wood is being recognized as the College of Education, Health & Human Services 2017-2018 CEHHS Outstanding Faculty for Scholarship and Creative Activity.

To learn more about Dr. Wood’s research, please see her comments below:

Christiane Wood
Assistant Professor, School of Education

Since joining the CSUSM School of Education in Fall 2016, I have conducted purposeful research and engaged in creative activities that support the University and the School of Education’s (SoE) mission.

My research aligns with the university and SoE Mission to advance innovative, student-centered practices, and promote social justice and educational equity for all literacy learners. I have lived out the mission through my research projects and publications which examines teacher’s literacy practices, young children’s multimodal literacy enactments, children’s play in literacy learning, and maker spaces as equitable literacy learning environments for young children.

The university and SoE mission foreground my overall research and creative activity goals to work collaboratively with researchers and educators to advance the field of contemporary literacy education in early childhood environments. Research regarding new literacies, technology, maker-spaces, and design thinking in classrooms and schools are emerging topics of interest in the field of literacy education. However, the integration and value of design thinking and maker-spaces related to young children’s literacy enactments and teachers’ pedagogical practices in classroom contexts are currently underexplored and undertheorized in the research literature.

In my research, I argue that new perspectives and new approaches to literacy instruction and educating socially, culturally, and linguistically diverse children need to include fostering the generation and development of ideas, creativity, imagination, play, and collaboration. During the past year and a half, I have made significant contributions to the field of literacy education at local, regional, national, and global levels.

My research, creative activities, publications, and research presentations are centered around advancing early childhood literacy pedagogy and student-centered learning environments that include play, tinkering, design thinking, and maker-spaces.

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