CEHHS recognizes Leslie Mauerman as the 2017-2018 Outstanding Lecturer

leslieDr. Leslie Mauerman and Dean Janet Powell

This year, Dr. Leslie Mauerman from the School of Education is recognized as the CEHHS Outstanding Lecturer of the year.

To be chosen for this award, lecturers are nominated by department chairs, school directors, faculty or students. To be recognized for this award the lecturer must

  • Demonstrate best practices in higher education pedagogy and/or student support strategies
  • Demonstrate consistency and notable commitment to the mission of the university and the college
  • Be dedicated to our diverse student community
  • Demonstrate exemplary contributions to student success and academic life

Dr. Mauerman joined CSUSM in 1999 and follows a philosophy that models and addresses an “all means ALL” inclusive approach with her students and her colleagues. She sets high standards and expects her students to be invested, involved and responsive.

Dr. Mauerman leads her students by example.

In addition to her leadership in teaching, she goes above and beyond by taking on roles outside of the classroom and within the School of Education and the community. For the past four years, Dr. Mauerman promoted and served as the CSUSM Site Lead for the “Better Together” Teacher Summit. In addition, she has been the lead for the Virginia Hansen Curriculum Committee for the past 5 years. She serves as an “at-large” member of CSUSM Academic Senate and on several other committees at CSUSM.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Mauerman as the 2017-18 Outstanding Lecturer of the year!

For more photos from the CEHHS 2018 Annual Recognition Celebration, please visit:

ROAD WEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Photography Jessamyn Trout, CSUSM Alumnus)
2018 CEHHS Recognitions

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