Michael Bell awarded CEHHS 2017-2018 Outstanding Staff of the Year

Michael Bell is presented with the CEHHS 2017-2018 Outstanding Staff of the Year
by Dean Janet Powell.

“This college would not function without supporting staff and there was no surprise when Michael Bell, the college Resource and Operations Analyst, was nominated,” says Dean Powell.


Michael Bell is a long-term employee at Cal State San Marcos and has served in many capacities for twenty-six years of service. His experience made him not only a huge resource to faculty, staff, and administrators but he also helps students who wander into the Dean’s Office looking for directions or answers to their questions. Michael is known as the “go-to guy” and helps direct students and faculty. He helps co-workers with processing documents, updating the college regarding the budget and shows others how to navigate the Cal State San Marcos system. 
 Michael Bell goes beyond the call of duty because he also processes critical forms in the academic system and ensures they are processed timely and accurately.

 “I believe he is so successful in “getting things done” due to his cheerful nature, positive attitude, knowledge and understanding of the University and our college’s mission statement. 

Michel Bell is the backbone of the CEHHS in so many ways. His colleagues throughout Cal State San Marcos respect him and it benefits the CEHHS tremendously. 

 Having worked with Michael Bell for many years, I feel extremely confident that he is the right choice for this award,” said Andi Shibata, one of Michael’s colleagues.

Please join us in congratulating Micheal Bell, the CEHHS Outstanding Staff of the year.

For more photos from the CEHHS 2018 Annual Recognition Celebration, please visit:

ROAD WEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Photographer Jessamyn Trout, CSUSM Alumnus)
2018 CEHHS Recognitions

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