Wendy Hansbrough is recognized for 2017-2018 Outstanding Faculty: Teaching Innovation and Excellence

wendyDr. Wendy Hansbrough and Dean Janet Powell

CEHHS presents the 2017-2018 Outstanding Faculty: Teaching Innovation and Excellence award to Dr. Wendy Hansbrough, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing.

This award is to encourage innovation and excellence in teaching that results in students developing the knowledge, skills, and disposition appropriate to the academic discipline. This opportunity seeks to recognize and reward faculty who introduce innovation techniques, methodologies, exercises, methods of delivery, and or technologies in teaching.

Wendy has a love of teaching and creates learning environments that instill powerful dialogs between the student and the teacher so they can both learn from one another. As a teacher, Dr. Hansbrough gains insight on what her students are thinking so she can be responsive and creative with her teaching strategies. She sets the stage for active learning by incorporating game playing and role-playing scenarios that help build communication. She organizes small student groups that foster students’ independent and creative thinking.

Please join us in congratulating Wendy Hansbrough for the 2017-18 Outstanding Teaching Innovation and Excellence Award.

For more photos from the CEHHS 2018 Annual Recognition Celebration, please visit:

ROAD WEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Photographer Jessamyn Trout, CSUSM Alumnus)
2018 CEHHS Recognitions

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