CSUSM Public Health Students and Alumni attend “2018 Live Well Annual” Event

IMG_6472.JPG(L-R) Danny Barajas, County Worker; Angelo Salvador, MPH student (grad Fall ’19); Lisa Bandong, MPH Faculty; Katya Davila, MPH Student (grad Fall ’19)

Live Well Advance is an annual event that connected over 1,200 hundred partners and stakeholders throughout San Diego County, on Tuesday, October 2, in downtown San Diego.

CSUSM Public Health alumni, students and faculty were there to advance the shared vision of a healthy, safe and thriving San Diego region and they were able to network, learn about new tools and best practices and participate in breakout sessions. 

“With over 1,200 participants in attendance, the Live Well Advance is an invaluable experience for our graduate students allowing them to engage and network with local agencies, and obtain the immediate needs for the county of San Diego through the interactive breakout sessions,” said Lisa Bandong, MPH Instructor and Internship Coordinator.

“I was so proud to be part of a community that had put together such an amazing event….learned about resources available for our youth by our community members and was blown away by the amount of support and guidance available to all of us by the public health community.” – Dunya Bayat, MPH Student.

IMG_6478.JPG(L-R) Monica Aguilera, MPH Student (grad Spring ’19); Dunya Bayat, MPH Student (grad Spring ’19); Usman Akram, MPH Student (grad Fall ’18)  

“I originally signed up for the Live Well Advance event after seeing Professor Bandong’s invitation through e-mail. I thought it would be a great opportunity to network as well as to get informed on everything related to Public Health in San Diego County. It was an incredible experience. There were over 1,200 community members that came together to connect and discuss how we can all work together to help San Diego residents live a healthier life. I am extremely ecstatic to see and be a part of the future of Public Health. The future is bright for all of San Diego because we have great leaders to learn from and we have each other to strengthen partnerships and “Connect the Unconnected to Live Well.” – Monica Aguilera, MPH Student

“I signed up to volunteer and support the County of San Diego’s Live Well Advance. It was an amazing event for members in the community and Live Well San Diego partners to get updated on all great partnerships and efforts that are happening throughout the County. The breakout sessions sparked great conversation on how to continue these efforts moving forward and it allowed community partners the opportunity to network. It was a wonderful experience and I am hopeful to attend again in the future. There were over 1,300 attendees that came to discuss how, through partnerships, we can all work together to achieve the Live Well San Diego vision of a healthy, safe, and thriving San Diego County. Events such as this excite me to soon become a profession in the public health community. Great leadership has advanced this vision and I am looking forward to seeing how far San Diego County can progress.”  – Usman Akram, MPH Student, County of San Diego HHSA Graduate Student Worker

IMG_6467.JPG(L-R) Angelo Salvador, Lisa Bandong, Katya Davila

“Such an astounding event! To meet and learn a large number of San Diego public health personalities is a great way to get involved in the public health sector. The different breakout seminars has its own individual area of specialty that favors your interest. This experience will truly shape my future profession to better serve the communities. Kudos to Live Well Advance 2018!” – Angelo Salvador

IMG_0965.jpg(L-R) Katya Davila and JR Martinez

 “I noticed how concepts we learned in class are applied in the “real-world” and interacted with other members that were very knowledgeable and helpful.  I even got the opportunity to meet with keynote speaker JR Martinez who was so motivational on his speech.  Overall it was a great experience.” – Katya Davila, MPH Student

IMG_6466.JPGAlma Detten ’17 and Lisa Bandong watching keynote speak JR Martinez

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