Kinesiology Students Wear Goggles and Learn about the Effects of Alcohol


Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi’s students in Kinesiology 405 (Health and Drug Education) and HSCI 200 (Personal Health and Wellness) courses recently participated in outdoor classes as part of their studies learning about the effects of alcohol.   Students participated in a variety of activities but one of them focused on using “Fatal Vision Goggles” that simulated Blood Alcohol Contents of an estimated .07 to .10+.  The second pair of goggles were also used to represent intoxication of an estimated BAC of .17 to .20+.



DSCN9918Students wore the goggles and then tried to do activities that tested their muscle control, reaction time, vision and outer compounding effects such as driving on the road (while using a tricycle.)  Also addressed were current statistics by CDC addressing a snapshot of annual High-risk College drinking consequences.  Note that Kine 0405 is a required course for Health Science majors and it addressed a pedagogical approach to teaching Health Literacy.  HSCI 200 is a course offered as a “Lifelong Learning option” for all students.



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