Dr. Eliza Bigham hosts HD497 Research Conference

Dr. Eliza Bigham, Lecturer in the Human Development department hosted her last HD497 Research Conference last night as she retires following 17 years of service here at Cal State San Marcos.

47135649_296854544295205_1101524107716984832_nAmy Scruggs and Dr. Eliza Bigham, Founders of Voice of Heroes

Each year, Bigham leads hundreds of students in their research projects and locates opportunities for students to also connect with the community.

46863371_213375926228695_1472771159408771072_nStudent presentations represent an original, undergraduate research project conducted with a community partner from North San Diego County.  The projects reflect skills Human Development students have acquired in conducting research, utilizing a variety of design and analysis skills to conduct applied/action research addressing a current, real situation.





This semester’s projects partnered with SOLE Effects, YMCA and Voice for Heroes.

SOLE Effects poster presentations were: Passion/Purpose, Teamwork, Teaching Empathy to Others, Stress Control and Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body.

YMCA Curriculum Projects were: Communication, YMCA Staff & Skills to Develop Others, Inclusion, So You Think You Can Manage?, Self Development and The Importance of Volunteerism.

The Voice for Heroes presentations consisted of videos titled: Heroes for Human Needs, Teacher Appreciation, Inspiring Teachers, Advocacy for Service Dogs, Advocacy for Students with Special Needs and Advocates for Special Needs Champions.

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For more information about these projects or human development research, please contact Dr. Eliza Bigham at ebigham@csusm.edu.

Human Development at Cal State San Marcos

Marilyn Huerta
Public Affairs Communication Specialist II

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