“As artists, it is our duty to uplift…”

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Char Booth, Associate Dean from the Kellogg Library writes…

Just completed and so very beautiful… “In This Classroom, There Are No Walls,” a critically important work by Jess Sabogal at the California State University San Marcos Library. 

“At a time when human rights are being challenged, college campuses must be places of refuge. As artists, it is our duty to uplift the sacredness of women, people of color, the disabled, queer and trans folks, immigrants and the undocumented, our indigenous brothers and sisters, whom history has forced to believe are less than human. This mural is a celebration of our differences, and a symbol of our liberation.” – Jess Sabogal


❤️🙌😭 and let’s bring celebratory representation to all our libraries.

This project took two years and an extraordinary amount of effort/coordination… huge thanks to the while Library as well as David Avalos, Marilyn Huerta, and other project partners at the College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) and the Office of Undergraduate Services (OUGS), campus Facilities, and the Office of Communications.

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