DONATE DIAPERS to help keep babies clean, dry and healthy!

diaper-drive2Why Diapers?

The need for diapers in low-income families is constantly on the rise. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, on average, each infant requires 6-12 diapers every day. This can rack up an extra cost of $70- 80 per month. In order to alleviate this added expense, families often attempt to reuse diapers or not change them as frequently. As a result, babies can be placed at risk for serious skin irritations and infections.

Unfortunately, there is little external help for these families and there are no state or federal programs that allocate extra funds specifically for buying diapers. Furthermore, many childcare centers don’t offer free diapers and instead require parents to provide a supply of them in order to care for the child. If parents are not able to leave their children at these facilities, they cannot go to work or school further exacerbating their financial and diaper need.

We would like to ask for your help in increasing the supply of diapers to keep babies clean, dry and healthy!


Who Are We Helping?
Women and Infants who visit the CSUSM Student Health Care Project
These community clinics are driven by students and provide care to those in need all over the San Diego County.

How Can I help?

Now through February 28, 2019.

We will have a bin for diaper donations at the Kellogg Library 3rd Floor and/or the  Temecula campus Front Desk.

OR… feel free to purchase diapers online on our wishlist

*Diapers ordered online will be delivered to the clinic.

This initiative is coordinated by the Student Nurses Association (SNA) @CSUSM

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