President Ellen Neufeldt tours the College of Education, Health & Human Services @CSUSM

Neufeldt-CEHHS-001Neufeldt-CEHHS-002Meeting with the School of EducationNeufeldt-CEHHS-003Meeting with the School of EducationNeufeldt-CEHHS-030Visiting labs in the Kinesiology DepartmentNeufeldt-CEHHS-027Visiting labs in the Kinesiology DepartmentNeufeldt-CEHHS-028
Visiting labs in the Kinesiology DepartmentNeufeldt-CEHHS-029Visiting labs in the Kinesiology DepartmentNeufeldt-CEHHS-030Visiting labs in the Kinesiology DepartmentNeufeldt-CEHHS-038Visiting our Speech-Language Pathology ClinicNeufeldt-CEHHS-034
Visiting our Speech-Language Pathology ClinicNeufeldt-CEHHS-048Visiting our Speech-Language Pathology ClinicNeufeldt-CEHHS-049Visiting our Speech-Language Pathology Clinic

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