Help Pave the Way for Aspiring Educators on Giving Day, Dec. 3rd!


Help remove barriers to entering the profession of teaching by donating to the Paving the Way for Aspiring Educators project. CSUSM’s teacher education candidates face a variety of rising costs as they seek to complete their teacher credential – from fees for credentialing exams to transportation costs that aspiring teachers incur going to local schools, and other life challenges and unexpected expenses.

Students and alumni from the CSUSM School of Education touch the lives of thousands of children every day. Each and every one of those children deserves only the best teachers. Sometimes people who will be the best teachers experience financial difficulties during the year it takes to complete the teacher credential.

You can help ensure that children get the best teachers. Please join us in Paving the Way for Aspiring Educators. Your donation will repay itself tenfold when the future teacher goes on to a long career in which they make a difference in the lives of children.

Share your heart and Give on Dec. 3rd!



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