Love Your Heart

Last week, volunteers all across San Diego County were out in the community helping with blood pressure screenings and heart health education. Director Tom Olson, from the School of Nursing at Cal State San Marcos, was also supportive and spoke at the press release event.  He said that he is proud of those who work in our communities to reduce heart disease and strokes and CSUSM nursing students were also participating and on campus, educating young people and stressing that they are not immune from the risk and prevention needs to start early.

“Although we cannot control all risk factors for cardiac-related diseases, we can take steps to prevent or control high blood pressure. Education can help save lives and that is why we’re here. Both as a community and as individuals, we need to be proactive in safeguarding our health,” Tom said.

Dr. Olson instructed the audience to focus on maintaining a healthy diet, get adequate exercise and avoid all tobacco use – all are positive health behaviors that can impact hypertension.


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