Educators for Social Justice and Equity


Our efforts to educate teachers and leaders to address issues of social justice and equity is always front and center in our work. There are always serious concerns around access, equity, racism, and hatred that are integral to our responsibilities in preparing educators to work with K-12 children. We cannot be silent. How are we going to talk with our students this summer and next year about the death of George Floyd, the high numbers of COVID-19 illness and deaths among people of color and people living in poverty, the lack of access to a high quality education when you don’t have internet and parents who can help you with your online math class? Our future teachers and leaders must have important conversations often to be equipped to address these and all of the new issues that will, unfortunately, continue to present themselves. I am forwarding a letter from Marvin Lynn, Dean of the College of Education at Portland State University, who very eloquently calls us to action and provides some resources to support and inform the conversations.

We find ourselves in a time where we must be more vigilant than ever in our work to prepare educators who are social justice advocates. I am grateful for the commitment of the School of Education to focus our work on the foundational premise of social justice and equity, so much so that we have made it a foundational TPE.

Thank you,
Pat Stall, Ph.D.
Pronouns: she, her, hers
Director, Cal State San Marcos School of Education

For more information, please visit the School of Education, Educators for Social Justice and Equity web page.

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