Math and Science Teacher Scholarship Opportunities

Are you interested in teaching math or science?

The School of Education at Cal State San Marcos, in collaboration with the California Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI), is offering a fully-paid scholarship for summer program that will help you earn an add-on credential in math or science.

You can earn an add-on credential in one or more of the following areas:

-Foundational Level General Science
-Foundational Level Math
-Single Subject Math
-Single Subject Physics
-Single Subject Chemistry
-Single Subject Biological Sciences
-Single Subject Earth & Space Sciences

The program will pay for the associated subject methods course and CSET, as well as support you to prepare register and take the appropriate CSET, and assist with the credential processing.

The fully online methods course and the CSET support classes will be offered between June 7 – July 10, 2021.

NOTE: To earn an add-on credential, you need to have a base credential, pass a secondary methods course for the add-on subject area and pass the associated CSET for the subject area.

Apply by March 15, 2021 at:

Submit Applications

If you have questions about the program, please contact Dr. Moses Ochanji at


Dr. Moses Ochanji
Professor of Science Education
CSUSM – MSTI Project Director

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