Speech-Language Clinic Goes Virtual Amid COVID-19

Norm Bishop (center) and his wife, Alice, work with CSUSM student Jessica Mos at the Speech-Language Clinic in the Extended Learning building in February. The clinic soon shut down because of the coronavirus and is now offering telehealth services. Photo by Andrew Reed

By Brian Hiro

It would be difficult to overstate the challenge that Norm Bishop faced the first time he attempted a virtual therapy session through the Cal State San Marcos Speech-Language Clinic. 

For the previous few years, Bishop had been a steady and familiar presence at the physical clinic, relying on close, one-on-one interactions with CSUSM speech-language pathology students to help reverse the effects of the debilitating stroke he suffered in 2015. Even before the stroke changed his life forever, he had never owned a cellphone, had very little interest in technology. 

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