Nursing Is a Family Affair for Graduate

Class of 2021 nursing graduate Sarah Menyhay (far left) is pictured on National Nurses Day on May 6 with (left to right) her father, Steve, a hospice nurse; her mother, Pamela, a pediatric nurse; and her younger sister, Alexa, a nursing student at Fresno City College.

May 19, 2021

by Brian Hiro

In the Fresno community where Sarah Menyhay grew up, there was never much doubt about where you would turn if your child was sick and you didn’t know what was wrong or what to do.

You would call the Menyhays. If the father, Steve, wasn’t home, you’d talk to the mother, Pamela. If Pamela wasn’t there, you’d talk to Steve. If either was around, well, all the better because that meant double the knowledge.

They were the neighborhood nurses. Pamela has been a pediatric nurse since she was 22. Steve has held that same job since his early 30s. And as they dispensed medical wisdom and personal empathy in equal doses to people on their street as well as hospital patients, you’d better believe that Sarah and her two younger sisters were soaking it all up.

Some children rebel against their parents’ profession. Sarah has modeled her whole life after it.

“Growing up hearing everyone always being so thankful to have my parents in their lives and in our neighborhood, I was like, ‘I’m going to follow in their footsteps. I’m going to do the same thing,’ ” she said. Read more…

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