Highlighting Cheryl McMahen – CSUSM Alumna Class of 2012, Kinesiology Health Science

On October 29, Cheryl McMahen participated as a panelist for the Conversations that Matter, Hunger & Homelessness: Taking Action facilitated by Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi. “Ms. McMahen is the Outreach Manager of the North County Health Services and an alumna of CSUSM who graduated in 2012 with a degree in Kinesiology Health Science. Over the lastContinue reading “Highlighting Cheryl McMahen – CSUSM Alumna Class of 2012, Kinesiology Health Science”

President’s Student Champion Award – For Inclusive Excellence & Diversity

“Thiana Ruiz Alegria is the 2015-2016 recipient of the President’s Student Champion for Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Award. She is a double major and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with an emphasis in Health Service and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.  Her lasting contributions include the development ofContinue reading “President’s Student Champion Award – For Inclusive Excellence & Diversity”

Congratulations Rafael Hernández!

Dr. Rafael Hernández, Assistant Professor in the Human Development Department, was recently awarded a 2016 American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) Faculty Fellowship to attend the 11th Annual AAHHE National Conference, “Latino Attainment: Meeting America’s Equity and Talent Imperatives” in March 2016. The AAHHE is an agent of change for improving education, thusContinue reading “Congratulations Rafael Hernández!”

CEHHS Hosts Convocation Luncheon for Lecturers!

Hosted by Dean Janet Powell, the College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) sponsored a Convocation luncheon for their lecturers on October 20. Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi highlighted two successful years of the Lecturer’s Advisory Council (LAC) and included the development of the Lecturer’s handbooks for CEHHS, the creation of the CEHHS Mentor/Mentee programContinue reading “CEHHS Hosts Convocation Luncheon for Lecturers!”

Speech-Language Pathology Received a 1.25 Million Dollar Programming Training Grant

“The Speech-Language Pathology department received a 1.25 million dollar US Dept of Education, Office of Special Education Programming training grant that will prepare 50 speech-language pathology graduate students over the next 5 years to work with high needs children with communication disorders resulting from craniofacial anomalies. With an incidence of 1 in 600 births, craniofacialContinue reading “Speech-Language Pathology Received a 1.25 Million Dollar Programming Training Grant”

Understanding Migrant Students: Binational Collaborative for Teacher Education across Borders

Interview with Ana Hernández By Marilyn Huerta On October 14, 2015, Ana Hernández, Assistant Professor, from the School of Education (SOE) led engaging conversations with international guests from China, Mexico and The Netherlands. This international community engagement is an opportunity built on the pioneer work of former CSUSM colleagues in the SOE and the continuedContinue reading “Understanding Migrant Students: Binational Collaborative for Teacher Education across Borders”

California Summit for Educators – Teachers Connect!

By Marilyn Huerta July 2015 Connecting and staying connected was the theme that echoed throughout the large lecture hall when site leader, Leslie Mauerman kicked off the Better Together: California Teachers Summit the morning of July 31. The one-day summit at CSUSM, attended by approximately 250 local teachers, was part of a statewide initiative thatContinue reading “California Summit for Educators – Teachers Connect!”

Stoked on a Summer Internship at Hurley

By Margaret Chantung You could say the Hurley International Icon Internship Program is competitive. Approximately 2,000 enthusiastic undergrads apply annually for only 37 coveted spots at Hurley’s Costa Mesa headquarters. This year 2015 CSUSM graduate Makenzie Stade landed one of them. During the 10-week summer program, Makenzie is getting an insider’s view on how theContinue reading “Stoked on a Summer Internship at Hurley”

Innovations in Teaching Math to All Children

By Marilyn Huerta June 15, 2015 In June, the summer breeze blew through the CSUSM campus as North County elementary school teachers gathered to learn new methods for teaching math. They attended the Innovations in Elementary Mathematics Instruction for All Children: A Symposium for Multilingual Educators at California State University San Marcos. Hosted by theContinue reading “Innovations in Teaching Math to All Children”

Helping the Elderly Prevent Falls

By Triveni Sheshadr March 25, 2015   The statistics are sobering. Every year one in three adults ages 65 and older experiences a fall. As a result many suffer fractures, injuries and, in some cases, even death. Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations among the elderly. Hyun Gu Kang, assistant professor of kinesiology atContinue reading “Helping the Elderly Prevent Falls”