Today is Giving Day! Share your heart with students in the College of Education, Health & Human Services at Cal State San Marcos – Dec. 1

Share your heart and support students in our college majoring in fields such as education, nursing, human development, kinesiology, social work, speech-language pathology and public health. Give directly to the fund you’re passionate about and see your impact magnified on Giving Day. 

From student scholarships to program support to mentorships and community clinics, there are eight funds participating in Giving Day, and your donation can make a huge difference in students’ success. Donate to students in the College of Education, Health and Human Services and help them reach their education and career goals. Every gift counts, so share your heart today! 

Academic Perseverance Award for Human Development Students

Give to the Human Development Department Program Support Fund and provide an immediate positive impact to support students through undergraduate research projects, experiential learning opportunities, Human Development Club student organization activities and professional society memberships and conferences.

Every Student Is a Future Leader!

Empower the next generation of leaders! Our students come from different backgrounds that contribute to our vibrant and growing professional community. You can help them prepare for their educational goals or careers by supporting their academic and community-focused endeavors. Examples of funded activities include attending or presenting at a professional conference in their academic discipline, participating in research symposiums or supporting costs to participate in community outreach.

Master of Public Health Program Health Equity Scholarship Fund

Scholarships will be awarded to students in the Master of Public Health program who demonstrate a commitment to upholding principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, and who are committed to addressing health disparities through service and research. Preference will be given to students who work as first responders or front-line public health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School of Education Emerging Leaders

Invest in local K-12 educators who are urgently needed as school leaders to reflect and support the needs of today’s diverse student population. Your Giving Day donation establishes a pathway for focused support, mentorship, training and education in social justice and equity perspectives and strategies for our schools to attain success for every student.

School of Nursing Innovation and Learning Laboratories Fund

Invest in the future of health care! Your gift supports student learning in two ways. First, the purchase of up-to-date equipment – such as IV pumps, feeding pumps, ventilators and EKG machines – allows students to learn on the equipment they will use to provide patient care in hospitals. Second, your gift supports the purchase of virtual reality scenarios where students experience realistic, yet safe, clinical situations to develop their direct patient care knowledge and skills.

School Of Education Paving the Way for Aspiring Educators

Help remove barriers to entering the profession of teaching by donating to this project. CSUSM’s teacher education candidates face a variety of rising costs as they seek to complete their teaching credential – from fees for credentialing exams to transportation costs incurred by going to local schools, and other life challenges and unexpected expenses. Your gift can help ensure that children get the best teachers.

Social Work Internships

Social work is a profession aimed at helping and empowering the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in our society. Our Master of Social Work (MSW) students complete significant internships in local community organizations but do not receive compensation. Students could greatly benefit from stipend funds to assist them in successfully completing these internships. Make a gift today and make a positive impact on our community!

Speech-Language Clinic

During the academic year, speech-language pathology graduate interns provide over 15,000 hours of free therapy services to individuals in the community. You can transform lives by supporting the CSUSM Speech-Language Clinic in its aim to give students authentic and vital clinical training opportunities, while also sponsoring a local community member to attend our clinic. Share your heart today and donate to the Speech-Language Clinic fund.

Donate today!

Marine Corps veteran stands as role model for others

Photo posted by ABC CH10 News San Diego.

By: Cassie Carlisle
Posted at 4:33 PM, Nov 05, 2020 and last updated 9:15 AM, Nov 06, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – A U.S. Marine Corps veteran is spreading the message anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

Kionte Storey enlisted with the USMC in 2007. He joined after witnessing the Twin Towers attack in 2001 and wanted to discover himself and push his limits.

“I did join knowing I was going to go to war.” Storey said his second deployment took him to Afghanistan.

Read full story produced by ABC 10 News San Diego.

Kionte is also a kinesiology student in the College of Education, Health & Human Services at Cal State San Marcos.

Nursing Faculty Receive Grant to Boost Mental Health Pipeline

School of Nursing faculty Catherine Baker (left) and Nancy Romig have received $1.33 million state grant to help further build the pipeline of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners in California. 

Two Cal State San Marcos faculty members in the School of Nursing have received a grant of $1.33 million to help further build the pipeline of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners in California. 

Dr. Catherine Baker and Dr. Nancy Romig received the five-year grant from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), which in total awarded $17.3 million to seven programs. Baker is an assistant professor and Romig is a professor emerita in CSUSM’s School of Nursing. Both are co-coordinators of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program. Read more…

Kinesiology Student Determined to Help Others

By Trisha Ratledge

Megan Hansen is less than a year away from earning her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from CSUSM

Megan Hansen began envisioning life as a physical therapist very early. At a martial arts class one morning a dozen years ago, she watched her mom spar with the instructor and, in throwing a roundhouse kick, her mom tore her ACL, a major ligament in the knee. 

“It was really bad,” said Hansen, who adds that the injury required three surgeries. “She also messed up her meniscus (cartilage between the shinbone and the thighbone). We’ve been in and out of physical therapy clinics for years. It’s something that bothers her every day.”  Read more…

Health Scare Inspires New Path for Kinesiology Student

By Eric Breier

Freshman Juliana Abraham receives a surprise visit from Crash to welcome her to CSUSM. Abraham, who overcame brain tumors on two separate occasions, received a grant from Make-A-Wish San Diego to help pay for college.
Photo by Andrew Reed

Juliana Abraham’s epiphany about what to do with her life occurred when she was barely a teenager.

Abraham’s life to that point had been devoted to gymnastics, the sport she loved and excelled at on a national level. At 12 years old in 2015, she was consistently winning competitions and posting impressive scores as a Level 9 gymnast, just one stage from reaching the final level in the Junior Olympics program. If she advanced to Level 10 and successfully performed all of the required skills, she would have an opportunity to try out for the Elite program – the group of gymnasts from which Olympians are selected. Read more…

Meet our ASI Reps for CEHHS

Have any student concerns or questions for your College of Education, Health & Human Services Representatives?

Tune in and get to know Sherry and Shaelyn on Thursday, October 15th from 12-1 pm. They will be answering any questions regarding the campus, CEHHS student organizations and anything else you need.

Register at (case sensitive).

Learn more about the ASI at Cal State San Marcos.

Sherry Rivas
Shaelyn Rusnak

Congratulations to our CEHHS faculty!

Please join us in recognizing our CEHHS faculty who were tenured and/or promoted this year!

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor: Susan Andera, Rebecca Brooks, Wendy Hansbrough, Rafael Hernandez, Joni Kolman and Christine Wood

Promotion to Full Professor: Blake Beecher and Lori Heisler

Marilyn Huerta
Public Affairs Communication Specialist II
College of Education, Health & Human Services

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